Western Grubfixens presents some of the best in cook books, western soup potpourri, vinegars, hot sauces, barbecue sauce, condiments, jams and much more.
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Barrel Crate Bridge-designed as a modular bridge that can be configured as a single unit, or two section(front)  three section (Middle)or four section- half arc bridges (Back).  Made of rough cut Cedar, or rough cut Redwood, for natural Patina or color staining.  Also comes in clear kiln dried Cedar or Redwood for natural patina or Exterior Paint  Usually red, white or black glossy finish.  Bridges come with Spans of 3 to 6 feet.
Gourmet Western Foods and Sauces
Uther Pendragont.
Resurrection CD's by the Rock Group Uther Pendragon.
Recently found tapes of live performences for bay area club's in the sixties and seventies, remixed with modern technology and reborn into 2 CD's that span 10 years.  The group was Called "Blue Fever" to start, then became "Timne", followed by "Mandala", and then finally Uther Pendragon.
Resurrection Disk 1   Resurrection Disk 2
Studio X Copyright July 2004
Resurrection Disk 2
Resurrection Disk 1xt.
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Air brush Murals and water color prints by artist and writer Craig Pedersen this is called "Bedioun Couple" It is airbrushed acrylic on two panels 8 feet x 7 feet