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Phoenix area BroadcastTelevision Stations
Channel 3  KTVK TV   Independent.
Channel 5   KPHO TV   CBS
Channel 7   KATZ  TV   Independent
Channel 8   KAET TV    PBS  
Channel 8.1  PBS   8.2  Create  8.3  World  8.4  KABQ Radio
Channel 10  KSAZ TV   Fox
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Channel 12  KPNX TV  NBC
Subchannels: 12.1 KPNX/NBC, 12.2 NBC Weather Plus,
12.3 Justice Network
Channel 15  KNXV TV  ABC   .
Click here to add text.Subchannels: 21.1 KPAZ/TBN, 21.2 Church Channel, 21.3 JCTV, 21.4 Enlace USA, 21.5 Smile of a child
Channel 21  KPAZ TV  TBN
Channel 45  KUPT TV  MY45
Subchannels: 45.1 KUTP/My Network TV, 45.2 Bounce TV
Channel 51 .KPPX TV  ION  
Subchannels: 51.1 KPPX/ION, 51.2 Qubo, 51.3 Ion Life
Channel 61  KASW TV  CW  
Subchannels: 61.1 KASW/CW 6
Planet Earth (satellite Dish)
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