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Resurrection Disk 1
A two disk set by the San Francisco, Bay Area  Rock & Roll legends Uther Pendragon was just released in June 2004 for the first time. by Studio X.

The band, who were one of the best rock bands of the San Francisco Bay Area from 1967 through 1978 when the band broke up, and lost the tapes they had  recorded in their Palo Alto Recording studio. 

These tapes, which were all recorded live, were just found in storage by members of the band.  It took a year, with modern technology to digitise then mix the old recordings to bring you these outstanding CD's.

Produced by Bruce Marelich, lead singer and lead guitar for Pendragon and Craig Pedersen, the Bands Producer and Manager, it is a record for the band from 1968 when the did their first recording in a Belmont Garage as Blue Fever, through the recording done in a San Carlos Rifel Range as "Timne.  Then there was material recorded when they went by the name Mandala during the early seventies, through the material recorded as Uther Pendragon from 1971 through 1978.

Pendragon played at most of the bay area Rock clubs and that included several name bands of the period: Country Joe And The Fish, The Tubes, The Ramons, Stained Glass and others. 

They Played most of the teen clubs of the period, the high schools and college's as well as many out door venues of the period. 

Additional material on the group can be found at their web site:
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Resurrection Disk 1  $17.74
Resurrection Disk 1  $17.74
Resurrection Disk 2 $17.74
Resurrection Disk 2 $17.74
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This is an unusual release.  No original 45 of the Rock Group "Timne" Released in 1967 by Action Records in San Jose, California.  It is the A & B sides of the Record released on a CD.  This is a direct reproduction of the original without remastering or electronic Cleaning.
the two cuts would be concidered to be Psychedelic Rock.
Both songs are written and sung By Fayden.
Along with the Audio recordings is the video of the two songs as seen on
Blue Fever
History of a Rock Band
The present day incarnation of Uther Pendragon.  Bad Daddy was formed by two members of Uther Pendragon.  Bruce Marelich and Mark Lightcap.  They are Joined by George Newcom Drummer for the legendary "Loading Zone" as well as Cole Spohr, and Ray Fernandes.
Rock Symphonys
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