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The West Side 2001 The Old Murals
By Artist and Writer:
Craig R. Pedersen
Circa: 1965 to 1980.
The Train Yard At Dusk                   
Airbrush, Acrylic on Masonite Panel
Craig R. Pedersen                    1979
From Photo out of  National Geographic

4 ft. X 8 ft.  1 1/2" backframe

The reason this Series of paintings was never sold is because they were done during my learning phase with my first airbrush.  These were taken from the published pages of National Geographic Magazine and I never got permission to reproduce for sale. 
Only one of these paintings that is out there is hanging on the wall of Robert "Bob" Edwards, Professionally known as Bob Baily of the Vejtables.  He did't buy it, I gave it to him to hang on his "wall" where it still resides, out there in the great unknown.. 
The other is the missing murral  "Charging Tiger"  Which was last seen in a gallery show in San Bruno California, right after the painting was finished.
The Gallery suddenly shut down and I never saw the painting again.  It was there on consignment.