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The world it is a changing, as the rock song says,
"The present is but a future dream of the past." as Craig Pedersen
Come and visit to our American Artist Gallery showing the paintings of our long time friend, artist Walter Klemm, from Fallbrook, California.
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This page was last updated: June 23, 2017
Photo taken by Marvin Sipes, shot at Lake Tustamena on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. To really see the incredible detail of this picture touch the photo to go to the larger version.

My newest Video of  "Hippie From the Sixties" is visualized by the incredible psychedelic artwork of Brian Exton of the UK.  I found them on his website:
He sells them on Mat board and in poster sizes.  Check out his site, his work is exciting.  He also has a lot of antique photo's of Great Britain as well.
For Janice By: Linus
"Linus  The loser's Gone" CD a Butchers Records release.  I knew Linus as "Kal X Blue" when he was the lead singer for "Something Wild" from Santa Maria, California in 1966-67 give or take a couple. Enjoy!
"Something Wild", Trippin Out , Kal X Blue sings The lead.  Bill Payne keyboards and vocals, Bill Evans, Guitar, Jump link to Something Wild, Pendragon

No Reply - By Bad Daddy, Chester Street Records
Chester Street Records up coming release of Bad Daddy.  This feature song has a very different kind of visual.  I view my videos more like painting displayed on a large screen LCD HD Television with dolby 5.1 home theater sound system.
Let The Night Come - By Linus,
Butcher's Records
From his CD, "Linus - The Loser's Gone" recorded and released in Sweden where he has lived since the seventies.
My most recent Video is another song By Linus Called "Only The Strong Survive" from his Butchers Records release "Linus - The Losers Gone". 
Only The Strong Survive  By: Linus
Hippies From The 60's - Bad Daddy
We finally finished building our new back yard kitchen and had our first barbque July 6, 2015.  We invited some of Scotts work friends, some of our neighbors and Our sister and her husband.  It was overcast and slightly rainy, perfect in the desert for a BBQ.
Since the barbeque, we got the ligths we wanted for the 14 x 16 foot gazebo.  The last thing we have to do now is bring the electrical out to the patio and the new kitchen islands.  We then will put a storage cabinate at the end of the walkway down the west side of the house.
I just got word from Guerssen Records that the planned release date for their first New Record is October 15, 2015.  Over course, things can change but who cares, Uther Pendragon will get their first LP out, 45 years after it was recorded, the ending of a Rock and Roll fairy tail.  Guerssen told us they are releasing the three LP Vinyl's (You heard me right) containing 25 freshly remixed and re-mastered digitally, in a rigid box (High Class) a full sized Info booklet with pictures of the band, the test written by Mike Ajax, the publisher of "Ugly Things Magazine" which he has published for 35 years.  He is a fan as well as an expert of the music from that period, and the material he wrote is exceptionally good as far as I'm concerned.  they are also including a poster from the period which was for a gig at a Junior College in North Lake Tahoe.  It will also be available on a two disk CD. as well as downloadable from the regular sources.
"San Francisco Earthquake"
Uther Pendragon's first commercial album released by Guerssen Records
45 years after it was recorded, It will be released this December 2015
Guerssen discovered the band while on and followed a link to see the documentary I did on the band several years ago.  The documentry is on the front page of .   This is not the Cover of the new Album, its something I did to show off the band and the title of their new album.  I'll keep you posted on when it will become available.
Uther Pendragon Documentary
This is the documentary that Guerssen Records executives saw that got Uther Pendragon signed to release their first record, nearly 45 years after they recorded the music it contained.  The Documentary was made by me some years ago, and first broadcast live on "Ustream".  I was cleared to put it on Youtube several years ago, and have many more plays than I expected.  I put it on mostly for the band and their friends to watch.
The constitution and the bill of rights were not intended to be a suicide pact, despite what the Democrat/socialist Elite says.  Don't forget that it was the Democrats and their socialists bureaucrats who rounded up and detained the Japanese at the beginning of World War ll.  Now they pretend is was conservatives that did that to Japanese Americans.  When you find out that 94000 teenaged boys were sent back to Japan prior to the war to receive training in sabotage according the a documentary on the Discovery Channel.  I have much less problem with their being detained, but as the criminal mind of a socialist will do, it was the theft of their homes, businesses and personal properties that was truly despicable.
Obama's Policies on Islam
Dooming us to Moslem Slavery
Western Mercantel
Craigs Art
Walter Klemm Art
New Album box cover for Uther Pendragon's 3 vinyl premiere album "San Francisco Earthquake" to be released the first week of December. By Guerssen Records.
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Michele LaForge Brakewood defames her Military father
To support the overthrow of the American Constitution.
I just had the pleasure of having a Facebook exchange with Michele LaForge Brakewood, who said proudly to the world that her father, a good Southern Democrat, would roll over in his grave if he knew how President Trump came to stop the intended murder of American Military by the seditious left.  As a Vietnam Vet, and son of a man who spent his life building weapons to kill socialists (titan I, II and III, worked at Boeing on Minuteman boosters, building dozens of projects still not public knowledge as well as work on the B1 A&B bombers.  My father managed two engineering review boards on the B2 Bomber.  Personally I think this “Broad” is just another stupid leftist bitch who has no reluctance to defame her own fathers name to make her intellectual political diatribe believable to the ignorant she is speaking to.   She even mentioned “McCarthyism” which is ripe when you know that “Old Joe Kennedy backed McCarthy personally, and who’s son John Kennedy once walked out of a meeting of Harvard Socialist who insisted on ridiculing McCarthy.  She isn’t aware of the fact Robert Kennedy was Senator McCarthy’s chief legal council during the McCarthy Hearings.
My family was on the base at Vandenberg AFB when the Kennedy administration put them on red alert, which made to take 12 hours to get off the Base at all. 
Michele LaForge Brakewood my have it correct about her own fathers loyalty to the nation he served, but I doubt it.  I would never take the word of such a “skank” concerning her own father anyway, her motives being to destroy our nation, eliminate our borders and turn us into Globalist Slaves.  She is the useful idiot of the left, and that is in writing on facebook.  She also tried to insult me by pointing out my grammar and spelling.  Typical approach of the defeated left.  Frankly, I leave copyreading of my books and articles to people like her, who are incapable of thought, so they correct spelling and grammar.  They also, in their own ignorance, change the intended meaning of the writer as often as not.  That's why it's so easy for her to do with her own father.  Sad!

Maricopa Arizona