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The orbit of the International Space Station!  Check it out by pressing the red button above!!  Shuttle & Space Lab Tracking  this link connects to NASA's own real time tracking.  It will also get you to track the orbit of anything still orbiting that NASA knows of. Try it out!!
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This page was last updated on: October 20, 2014
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The world it is a changing, as the rock song says,
"The present is but a future dream of the past." Says Craig Pedersen
Come and visit to our American Artist Gallery showing the paintings of our long time friend, artist Walter Klemm, from Fallbrook, California.
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This page was last updated: October 20, 2014
Photo taken by Marvin Sipes, shot at Lake Tustamena on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. To really see the incredible detail of this picture touch the photo to go to the larger version.

My newest Video of  "Hippie From the Sixties" is visualized by the incredible psychedelic artwork of Brian Exton of the UK.  I found them on his website:
He sells them on Mat board and in poster sizes.  Check out his site, his work is exciting.  He also has a lot of antique photo's of Great Britain as well.
"I finally got my computer working the way it should". For a while anyway.  I'm glad to be back where I can update my web site,
Hi! Scott...
For Janice By: Linus
"Linus  The loser's Gone" CD a Butchers Records release.  I knew Linus as "Kal X Blue" when he was the lead singer for "Something Wild" from Santa Maria, California in 1966-67 give or take a couple. Enjoy!
"Something Wild", Trippin Out , Kal X Blue sings The lead.  Bill Payne keyboards and vocals, Bill Evans, Guitar, Jump link to Something Wild, Pendragon

Hippie From the Sixties
by Bad Daddy
No Reply - By Bad Daddy, Chester Street Records
Chester Street Records up coming release of Bad Daddy.  This feature song has a very different kind of visual.  I view my videos more like painting displayed on a large screen LCD HD Television with dolby 5.1 home theater sound system.
Let The Night Come - By Linus,
Butcher's Records
From his CD, "Linus - The Loser's Gone" recorded and released in Sweden where he has lived since the seventies.
Everything On The Internet In:                                                                                            Phoenix, Arizona
My most recent Video is another song By Linus Called "Only The Strong Survive" from his Butchers Records release "Linus - The Losers Gone". 
Only The Strong Survive  By: Linus
Hippies From The 60's - Bad Daddy
Artists rendering of our new house in Maricopa, Az.,
1860 Sq. Ft, 4/5 bedrooms, 21/2 baths, 50 by 120 lot.